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Who knows when you may need to jot down a message or a quote?  Our gloss celloglaze finish is still the industry darling for every situation.  Enjoy a super gloss finish to your imagery without the worry of the ink scuffing.  Featuring unrivalled protection. Can be single or double - sided.



For that silky smooth finish, our matt celloglaze wins all the applause!  Applied on both sides of the sheet, the matt celloglaze surface offers flexibility as it can be written on with a biro pen or marker.



Our products are UV-cured so there’s no rubbing off of the ink, meaning they last longer.  No celloglaze is applied to these uncoated products, meaning the surface is left in its au naturale state.  Just the way some products were meant to be!


Poly White:

At 0.6mm thick, these polypropylene plastic products are sturdy enough to withstand the elements such as water and the wind.  Durable and yet made of 100% recyclable polypropylene, these products are also environmentally friendly.  Print in gorgeous full colour one or both sides for maximum effect!


Poly Frosted:

Stand out from the crowd by choosing something different from the ordinary with a frosted, transparent surface upon which your full colour designs are printed.  Printed with the same UV inks as our other stocks, you can choose the frosted polypropylene plastic stock and still have the same vibrant colours as your other printed paper items.


UV Coated (outdoor stickers):

Our waterless press uses light-fast UV-cured inks which, when combined with our outdoor vinyl, produce a high quality sticker with vibrant colours that will not fade when exposed to the elements.  In fact, a recent light-fastness test on prints made with these inks gave a result of Blue Wool 8+.  The prints (plant labels) were exposed for two months in a Xenotest machine and no fade could be determined.  Blue Wool * is equivalent to at least two years of exposure.??


Furthermore, our high gloss vinyl stock resists shrinkage, has good dimensional stability and, based on Australian exposure conditions, is rated for durability in vertical exposure for up to three years.  Excellent adhesion to most substrates makes them perfect for bumper stickers, decorative vehicle stickers, door safety stickers and the like.


Chrome Foil:

Chrome Foil features a silver celloglaze applied to one side of the sheet.  The result is a mirror-like surface upon which your full colour artwork can literally shine!  Print full colour on the silver celloglaze and see beautiful, metallic colours reflect your imagery while the uncoated reverse gives you a blank canvas upon which to communicate your message.

  Rounded Corners:

If you want something a bit different why not have round corners. Choose any single corner or combination of corners, this also helps your cards slip into you customers wallets for safe keeping.

Total (Incl. GST)$ 107.80

Luxury Cards Double sided (400gsm)


Regardless of whether you choose the400gsm Artboard to be printed both sides or just one, full colour or black reverse, you’ll be extremely pleased with what you’ve managed to take home today!  These are done through a high quality offset printing process.